About us

Sistema Europe, founded in 2012, is a Network open to all European Sistema and Sistema-inspired organisations and individuals who aspire to carry out activity true to the principles of Venezuela’s El Sistema. (Sistema Europe’s articulation of these principles can be found below). Sistema Europe exists to take forward the Sistema vision, created by J.A. Abreu, in the different European situations.

Through the Sistema Europe Network members can share, develop and learn about Sistema practices in Europe, plan joint projects, attend common performance and training events, seek mutual advice and guidance, and exploit appropriate funding opportunities.

The Network is run by the Sistema Europe Association, a non-profit organisation established in 2014 with a legal seat in Austria. All Members of the Sistema Europe Network can apply to join the Association, which elects a Board of Directors to run Sistema Europe on behalf of the Association’s Members. Click here to see the current list of Directors, and on this link – Sistema Europe About Vision Mission Principles 21 12 2016 – to download the details of this page in PDF format.

Sistema Europe

Children and young people from every section of European society reaching their full potential.

Sistema Europe

To assist Europe’s Sistemas and Sistema-inspired programmes to positively transform the lives of children, young people, and their families and communities from all sections of society through the practice of orchestral and ensemble music making, and as a part of the international Sistema movement.

Sistema Europe
Programme Principles

  1. Orchestral, vocal & other ensemble music activity as an agent of development, inclusion & integration
  2. Access for all young people, but particularly for those with the fewest resources and greatest need
  3. Stimulating learning environment, swiftly progressing towards excellence, facilitated by starting young
  4. High quality teaching that is immersive, intense and joyful, with peer learning and regular performance
  5. Frequency and regularity of programme work, including multiple sessions/hours of activity per week
  6. Connections to community networks by developing the Venezuelan Núcleo model in a local context

Notes to the
Programme Principles

●       These Principles seek to articulate what Sistema Europe considers to be the most important elements of El Sistema-inspired work for those interested to spread it through membership of the Sistema Europe Association and Network.

●       As a statement of principles these are important descriptions of agreed aspiration and intent for Sistema Europe Association and Network members. They are however subject to continuous refinement and development, and are not a mandatory requirement for membership of the Association or Network.

●       Coming from cultures and social systems often very different from Venezuela, Sistema Europe Association and Network members will interpret these Programme Principles in ways that reflect their own culture and society, as well as their connection to Venezuela’s El Sistema and the international Sistema movement.

Above: Sistema Europe Network meeting in Birmingham, UK during the ISM conference, 2014

Top of Page: Network meeting in Vienna, Austria, at Superar Austria’s headquarters, 2012