Introducing El Sistema PLAY – a new digital impact hub for orchestras

Combining the Venezuelan El Sistema philosophy and European innovation, El Sistema Sweden has begun to develop an online learning platform for both teachers and students.

When asked about the aims of the project, El Sistema Sweden‘s artistic director, Ron Davis Alvarez (pictured above), stated that El Sistema Play had been created “to share knowledge and to inspire development” and is intended as a digital continuation of the Sistema ideals of sharing and community.

El Sistem Sweden asserts that “with the right positions, attitude, dynamics and discipline the results will come: the love for and understanding of music will increase and so will the [quality of the] sound”.

And, with the first step online, the whole Sistema network can now begin to test this assertion for themselves, as they benefit from a basic toolbox which helps both teachers and students to organise and realise the development of their orchestras.

To continue the El Sistema tradition of networked knowledge and sharing, click on the logo below to watch the videos and to PLAY!