SEYO – Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra

Bruno Campo and Etienne Abelin rehearsing with SEYO Milano 2015 © Marco Caselli Nirmal

“…a musical sensation… and a remarkable testament to the success of the El Sistema philosophy” Today’s Zaman, Istanbul, August 2014


  • SEYO, The Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra unites hundreds of young talented musicians and teachers from Sistema Europe’s diverse network of programmes in over twenty European countries into an orchestra infused with the spirit of Venezuela’s famed social action music initiative El Sistema.
  • SEYO Summer Camps take place annually. The first Summer Camp took place in 2013 in Vienna, Grafenegg and the Salzburg Festival, and SEYO had its first public performance in Istanbul in 2014, hosted by the Turkish Sistema-inspired initiative Baris Icin Müzik – Music For Peace. In 2015, hosted by Sistema Italia, the Orchestra performed at La Scala Milano in a Side by Side concert with the Youth Orchestra of Caracas, at EXPO 2015 and the Teatro degli Arcimboldi. In 2016 SEYO joined Sistema Sweden’s Side by Side by El Sistema project in Gothenburg, Sweden. SEYO will be announcing plans for the 2017 Summer Camp at the end of March 2017, to include a final concert on 1 August 2017 in an iconic European site.
  • SEYO training and performances combine high octane performances of traditional baroque, classical, romantic and modern symphonic repertoire as well as cutting edge initiatives such as Björk-visualizer Stephen Malinowski’s music animations with audience participation. Its performances are characterised by joyous celebration, combining classical music with folk tunes from various European and Latin American regions.
  • SEYO is part of the Sistema Europe network and was co-founded by Etienne Abelin (Member Lucerne Festival Orchestra, Co-founder of Superar Suisse) and Bruno Campo (Founder of Sistema Guatemala and the Superar Vienna Orchestra) who also act as musical Co-directors, together with Juan-Carlos Maggiorani (Musical Director Orchestra Geraçao Portugal).
  • SEYO is pioneering innovative methods of musical training based around our 7 dimensions teaching framework, with components of Listening & Chamber Music Spirit – Expressive Story Telling – Love in Sound – Drive & Dance – Ease in Playing – and Awareness of ethos of dynamic balance. You can see this approach in more detail in our  The 7 Dimensions of SEYO_WorkinProgress document. 

A collage photograph of the 2015 Milano Summer Camp 

Press & Feedback

“The palpable esprit de corps of both performers and audience created an evening to remember. Not only was it a musical sensation with wide stylistic perspective, but it was also a remarkable testament to the success of the El Sistema philosophy, wherein every person of any age involved (including an enthusiastic small child in the front row of violins, surrounded by his mentors) operated on an enlightened level.”  Today’s Zaman, Turkey, August 2014

“This moment was the apotheosis of the connection between the young players and the audience (…): jubilantly, everybody got up from their seats – both the musicians and the audience! The musicians moved their instruments with cadence and perfect rhythm, the audience clapped their hands (…). The great atmosphere was at its height and was enhanced by the elegance and intelligence of the conductors Bruno Campo and Etienne Abelin.” Aujourd’hui la Turquie, Turkey, August 2014

“I have rarely seen audiences respond with such excitement in Turkey.”  Ellen Jewett, Turkey, teacher 2014

“The summer camp truly made our kids feel like members the worldwide Sistema family. They returned full of enthusiasm, ideas and determination to share the lessons they learned with their peers back home. We are all looking forward to this summer’s camp!” Anna Meschian 2013 (Sistema Armenia)

“The children were extremely motivated and excited: the musical and cultural sharing that happened between the different nationalities brought an immense energy and made them overcome the many challenges that the repertoire presented. It was an unforgettable experience.” “The SEYO camp hosted by Superar has provided a unique opportunity for young musicians to work alongside their peers, mixing provenances and levels, in the intensive and cheerful learning spirit of El Sistema.” 2013 Maria Majno (Sistema Italia)

“As a teacher, it was very helpful to share ideas and methods. There was a very positive attitude and we really worked as a team. The atmosphere was fantastic, it was a great experience.” 2013 Juan Maggiorani, Sandra Martins (Orchestra Geraçao Portugal)

Videos & Video News 

Documentary Trailer Clip Milano 2015 “SEYO – An Equal Symphony”

Gran Finale SEYO Milano 2015

TG Lombardia News piece 2015, Lombardia, Italy

Trailer Clip Istanbul 2014

Vienna, Grafenegg & Salzburg 2013

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Sistema Europe and The Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra would like to thank Foundations, Corporate Supporters and Individuals, without whom the Network’s activities would not be possible. In particular we would like to thank:

The Hilti Foundation

The European Commission Culture Programme


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