Superar Bosnia video goes global!

Superar Bosnia‘s Love People has now gone global in cooperation with 15 Sistema-inspired programmes from across the world.

Explaining how the idea came about, Ismar Porić, Artistic Director at Bosnia‘s Superar Srebrenica, speaks of how he wanted to create an anthem of peace for a world in which “…the tide of fear, hate and discrimination is rising.”. Taking a song written to help victims of a devastating flood in 2014, Ismar was soon on the way to realising his vision in a video which takes its viewers on a journey around the world with Sistema pupils singing in global unity and harmony.

Not that it was all plain sailing though. In Afghanistan, for example, the choir couldn’t record outside, as it was too dangerous to leave their schoolyard. And, in Venezuela, one of the members of the choir was even killed during a demonstration. However, in spite of this terrible tragedy and the violent conditions that threaten them daily, both choirs still gathered the strength to continue recording this song about peace and love, reminding us of the beautiful things in life which sometimes get lost amongst negative headlines and our daily routines.

In an article for The World Ensemble, Ismar tells readers how his own life has been affected by political instability and how this inspired him to work with Superar Srebrenica. Growing up during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-95), Ismar had an unsettled childhood and became a refugee in Germany, an experience which led him to “…know how it feels to be pushed around, neglected, and unappreciated.”. Therefore, he states that “Today, I feel obligated to use all my knowledge, connections and friends to help children in need everywhere, so that their voices can be heard. The hundreds of children in this video represent the millions of children who stand eager and willing to create a better world. From my experience on this project, I can say to you: nothing is impossible. Use your passion, ideas and visions to make the world better. Let’s be change makers together.”.

To share Ismar’s vision and to see and listen to all the groups involved,  click on the video below.